Portrait of Anne Kristin Øierud


My understanding of art is based on a receptionistic perspective, and in my practice as an artist, I work simultaneously within a figurative and a conceptual framework, i.e., I explore concepts visually. This manifests itself in pictures, photographs and objects, where objects and pictures must be interrelated and communicate. Taken together, the aim is to contribute to a broader sense of the concepts I am exploring. I am more interested in stimulating aesthetical experiences, wonder and sensing, and less interested in defining and providing answers. Music may also be an element in my exhibitions, and in this respect I have worked with a professional composer, Kristian Øierud, who has created compositions for my exhibitions which has been performed for the first time at the openings.

I do not work serially, as far as motives are concerned. On the other hand, as already mentioned, concepts and themes are explored in a number of ways through various motives where the concept/theme of the exhibition ties the content of the pictures together. The themes are taken from what engages me, existential themes or dilemmas in human relations, the relation to nature and other living creatures. In addition, I like describing paradoxes in the human condition. My pictures ask questions without giving the answers to the mysteries of existence, thus, an aim is that the pictures should be perceived as transcendent.

Formally, I work within a framework of figuration, where transcendence towards abstraction may vary from picture to picture.

My conceptual exhibitions were given the following titles:

From Dust to Dust 2009

Acrylic Dreams (Akryldrømmer) 2011

Disappearing I 2015

Disappearing II 2015